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Job Consultation
Job Hunters Jamaica has found that alot of person who are seeking to be employed are not certain of the area(s) that they are looking to go in. Some of these applicants are either over qualified for there requested fields or under qualified. We take the time to review the applicants portfolio and understand their expectations and discuss the opportunities available.

Job Referrals
This entails Job Hunters Jamaica reviewing your portfolio and if qualified base on the specifics of the employer then we be making the relevant submissions on your behave.

Job Letter Writing
Job letters are required by most companies simply because it is a quick way for them to see how you can sell your self within 30sec. As such it should be composed in a way to wet the appetite of the reader. If your having difficulties doing so then Job Hunters Jamaica will assist in doing so. Our expert team of writers will gather your information and create for you the ideal job letter.

Resume Formating
We assist with the composing of your resumes giving you the up to date standard as well as giving you a letter of recommendation from Job Hunters Jamaica. We have observed in many of our interviews that persons tend to have the content for their resumes however it is also clustered with irrelevant information and also lack of context .

Personal Ads
This refers to persons who has certain skill sets that  they are offering for Hire. *Conditions Apply*