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Job Referrals
Our Job referral services are not only for persons seeking to be hired, its also for employers seeking potential employees to fill an opening. We compile a list of our applicants and an employer may request by category, a list of potential applicants. *Conditions Apply*

Job Vacancy Post /  Business Ads / Business Product Ads
A job post can be submitted to Job Hunters Jamaica for advertising. The advert can be email to use where we will review the content and may request changes so that it complies with our policy before posting. The post will be displayed on the companies social media sites and will be displayed on the home page's highlight reel within a 3 second window. The ad can also be posted on a stand alone display where it does not time out. *Conditions Apply*

No. Of Adverts
 30 Days
 5k each
 30 Days
 15k each
 Facebook and Website
 90 Days
 12k each
  Facebook and Website